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Cookies are encrypted text files containing small pieces of data that websites store in your web browser. Also called browser cookies or tracking cookies, they are used to record all kinds of information, such as recognizing your device, saving your login credentials, remembering your preferences, keeping track of your settings, etc. Cookies are everywhere. They are most often used to track website activity. But some of them are very intrusive, like those used to track your online behavior, search history, or browsing activity on other websites. You can remove them by clearing your browsing data. For more information about cookies, visit www.allaboutcookies.org.

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These cookies perform basic functions, which are necessary for the functionality of the website. Your consent is, therefore, not required to place them on your device. 


These cookies are placed and used by Google Analytics for statistical analysis purposes. They collect anonymous information, such as the number of visitors per day, their geolocation, the page on which they spend the most time, the most visited pages, etc. All this information helps to analyze traffic and improve the website if necessary.


These cookies remember your visit to improve your experience. For example, a cookie is used for the pop-up window so that when you have seen or clicked on the window, it no longer appears on the screen if you return to this page.


These cookies allow third-parties to track the success of their applications. Currently, this website uses Groove apps. These applications enable visitors to contact the author or download the free chapters of her book. The author does not control the setting of third party cookies.

This website was created with GroovePages, which means that the application has placed essential cookies so that it can:

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